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We continually update this page with current photos of our Australian Labradoodle Puppies. We also have photo albums of our puppies, as well as videos and updates, on our Riverbend Labradoodles Facebook Page. Visit and "Like" our page to receive regular updates. Please feel free to call or email with any additional questions you may have about our puppies or other generations or coat types.
• Last Updated 11-16-15 •
  Amadeus and Hope  
  labradoodle   labradoodle  
Manor Lake Amadeus
Riverbend's cross my heart
  This litter is fully RESERVed:
Amadeus and Hope's gorgeous caramel, black and chocolate puppies arrived November 6th and they will be available to their new homes around January 8th. Amadeus and Hope's Small Medium size Australian Multi-generational Labradoodle Puppies are $2500, which includes their spay/neuter, and two sets of vaccinations. We are not accepting reservations at this time. 

Hope is a large Medium size Australian Labradoodle with a luxurious midnight black fleece coat. She is a gentle, sweet, loving girl that wants nothing more than to be with you every moment. She has beautiful brown eyes that see right through to your heart, and she is a friendly, happy, social girl that wins the heart of everyone she meets. Hope is drop-dead, traffic-stopping gorgeous, and is everything we could ever want in the bone and structure department. She has been and will continue to be an important part of our family and our breeding program.

Amadeus has an absolutely perfect silky caramel fleece coat, and white markings in the cutest of places. He is stunning to watch when in motion, has a beautiful head and full muzzle, and magnificent big amber eyes that will light up a room! Amadeus has a fantastic pedigree, excellent conformation, drop dead gorgeous looks, and his temperament could not be any more phenomenal. He is a happy, friendly, floppy, cuddle bug, who’s tail is always wagging! He loves everyone he meets, and he is an all around loveable little boy! We can hardly wait for him to stamp his mark in the Labradoodle world and he is a big part of our future plans at Riverbend Labradoodles! He carries for all the colors, and we look forward to pups in all colors of the doodle rainbow in his offspring.
  Moxie and Seri  
  labradoodle   labradoodle  
IvyLane's Moxie
Riverbend's RU Serious
  this litter is fully reserved:
Moxie and Seri's chocolate puppies arrived October 28th and they will be available to their new homes just after Christmas. Moxie and Seri's' Large Medium size (35-45lbs) Australian Multi-generational Labradoodle Puppies will be $2500, which includes their spay/neuter, microchip, two sets of vaccinations, etc. This litter is fully reserved.

Seri is a large Medium size Australian Multi-generational Labradoodle with a gorgeous curly chocolate coat. She has a fun, out-
going personality and her tail wags non-stop. Her happiness is contagious and everyone that meets her falls in love. She is 
stocky and has a gorgeous head and conformation, beautiful bone structure and show stopping beauty. Her babies will 
continue the look and type we feel is so important within our breeding program.

Moxie is a Medium size chocolate boy with a loose wavy fleece coat, and his puppies are absolutely stunning. He is from 
Australian imported lines and is the solid structure and bone we love and expect from these genetics. Moxie has wonderful 
bone and excellent conformation, and stamps the Riverbend type in each of his puppies.  You couldn't ask for a sweeter, 
more loving boy, out-going and friendly, and he loves everyone he meets. Moxie is our constant companion and goes 
everywhere with us. Everyone that meets him can tell you his nose has no boundaries, and our families with Moxie babies love
how easy-going his babies are. His puppies have picked up his silly personality, along with his laid-back, easy-going temperment,
and his super sniffer-nose.

  labradoodle labradoodle  
boy boy
  labradoodle labradoodle  
boy girl
  labradoodle labradoodle  
girl girl
  It is not our goal to "sell" you a puppy, it is Our mission to provide a valuable family member.  
Before going to their new homes, Riverbend Australian Labradoodle puppies are Vet checked, microchipped, given age appropriate vaccinations, spayed and neutered, de-wormed routinely, and heartworm, flea, and tick preventative is started. We guarantee, in writing, the health of our puppies for two years. All puppies are sent home with complete feeding and care instructions, a shopping list, training information for a smooth transition from our home to yours, and a "litter-scented" toy from home to cuddle with. Registration paperwork and pedigree from the Australian Labradoodle Association of America will also be provided. We offer our continual support, and welcome you to draw from our knowledge and years of experience, for as long as it is needed.

Riverbend Australian Labradoodle puppies
are raised in our
home, for proper socialization and handling from birth. We believe the key to a developing a healthy, rewarding relationship, lies in starting your puppy correctly. This will set the stage for a balanced, lasting relationship and a puppy that can handle transition into his new home and family quickly and easily. We start our puppies early with exposure to proper manners, house breaking, crate training, grooming, and handling. We evaluate our puppies ' individual personalities and help our families in choosing the puppy that fits best with their family, activity levels, and expectations. We welcome visits from families that would like to get to know us and our puppies, we do ask that you come straight from home, and do not stop along the way to visit other breeders to limit the possibilty of spreading germs, bacteria, or disease. Once your particular litter has arrived, you can visit after the age of four weeks, and we are happy to share that special time with you and your new family member. We will have you visit with several puppies, and sometimes the entire litter, so you are familiar with their personalities , and can be an active participant in choosing the puppy that is to join your family.

When you are ready to add a Riverbend Labradoodle
puppy to your family we would ask that you call or email us directly, and share with us information about yourself and your family, your lifestyle and activity level, and things that you like to do as a family. We would like to hear about your previous pet history, and what you are looking for in the addition of a puppy to your family. We don't use forms as we would prefer to be personally involved with our families and get to know each of them. When you are ready to place a reservation, you can send a personal check to us, or leave a deposit when you come for a scheduled visit. Our deposits are refundable through the age of 4 weeks, so you have time to be sure this is the right decision for your family, and we have time to be sure we have the right family for our puppy. We will send new puppy pictures directly to you every week to ten days so your family can be involved in the growth and development of the litter.

All parents have OFA hip, OFA elbow, and ACVO eye clearances before they are bred, as well as breed specific health clearances such as prcd/PRA, heart certifications, and vWD, to ensure that we have the healthiest puppies possible. We carefully research and select only the finest dogs for our breeding program, in order to produce a Labradoodle true to type, with predictable size, temperament, and coat. Our years of dedication to breeding only the finest American and Australian lines is evident in the style and grace of a Riverbend Labradoodle. We have stamped a consistant type and look that is unmatched in the Labradoodle community.

Puppies can be shipped, at buyer's expense, from the Detroit Metro Airport in Michigan. We use Delta Airlines VIP Service or direct flights when possible, so the puppies are hand-delivered to and from the plane. Puppies are available via air after the age of 8 weeks. They will see our Veterinarian at 6 weeks and again just before leaving to ensure a current health exam and health certificate is completed. We work closely with our families to choose a major airport that is closest to them, but that still offers the most direct route. We also choose a day and time that works well with our families and their schedule, but at certain times of the year, weather temperatures may determine when we can fly our puppies. Shipping within the United States generally costs around $300 for airfare and your puppy's travel kennel, however, older puppies or International flights can be more expensive and will be priced individually. We do not charge extra for your puppy's additional Veterinary exam, health certificate, or travel to the airport, we will provide this service to you.

We are also blessed to be involved with a fantastic Labradoodle Breed organization called the Australian Labradoodle
Association of America. The ALAA is a worldwide organization dedicated to protecting the breed we love so much. They
maintain the largest database of Australian Labradoodles and Labradoodles in the world. They also share our special
commitment to health testing and supporting responsible breeding practices. When they asked me to participate as a Board
Member, and as their Secretary I was more than honored. I jumped at the chance to help protect and promote the breed we
love so much.

Why is this important to you? Our Australian Labradoodles must meet requirements for health testing, and you can
be assured that everything is being done to breed the healthiest Australian Labradoodle puppies possible. Our health
warranty/contract provided to our families has been reviewed and approved. All our litters of puppies must be registered and
appropriate pedigree information provided to families. Being an ALAA registered Australian Labradoodle Member Breeder
means you can be assured we are responsible and accountable to an organization that has very strict guidelines and
requirements in place that protect you as a consumer.
labradoodle labradoodle labradoodle labradoodle
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